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Bellfree Contractors, Inc



Preconstruction Planning

Trail and Bike Park design, planning and construction cost estimating. 

Trail Construction

Trail and trail related items such signage, bridges, retaining walls, steps, fencing, stone work, culverts, shade structures, tables, benches etc.


  • Interpretive panel design and installation

  • Pump track design and construction

  • Native landscaping both residential and commercial

  • Irrigation

  • Fencing

  • Grading

  • Excavation

  • Retaining Walls

  • Stone work

  • Streambed restoration

  • Bridge construction

  • Custom Tables, Benches, Chairs, Shade Structures, etc.

  • Welding

  • Hardscape

  • Concrete

Other Services


Bellfree Contractors, Inc., incorporated in 1987 and licensed as a California "A" contractor license number 530940, has been in the forefront of trail and pedestrian bridge construction for over 40 years.


Before and since incorporation, the company has completed over 500 successful projects in 14 states, without default. A recent focus is urban trail consulting and design/build projects, both public and private, and sometimes in concert with youth work groups, volunteers or agency staff.


The company was founded and run by Roger Bell, along with other family members. Formerly a college administrator and faculty member, Roger holds a Ph.D. from the University of Washington. He got into trail building as a sidelight, and it eventually became his passion.


 In January 2009, Hans Keifer became the new owner of the company.  Roger has said “a better choice could not have been made. Hans has quickly demonstrated a level of technical expertise and business acumen that bodes exceptionally well for the continued success of Bellfree.” 


Hans comes to trail building naturally having been an avid trail user and outdoor enthusiast for all of his life.  His main passion is mountain biking.  Over the past two decades, he has devoted countless volunteer hours building and maintaining trails in the mountains around Los Angeles where he lives.


Over the past 10 years or so, Bellfree has focused primarily on projects for public agencies, developers, open space conservancies and organizations, not to mention schools, water districts, homeowners etc.  


Bellfree Contractors, Inc. is a member of the Professional Trail Builders Association and American Trails.


Year Incorporated
Hundreds of projects completed successfully


This is a list of some of our more substantial projects. You can also visit our Blog to see some of our more recent projects.


  • Sapwi Bike Park (Fall 2018) Project details

  • DR Horton Horse Creek Ranch (Fall 2017) Project details

  • McLaren Bike Park (Fall 2017) Park site

  • Transcaucasian Trail (Ongoing since 2017) Project details

  • Mulhall Bike Park - El Monte, CA (Fall 2016) 

  • Crafton Hills College (January 2016)

  • Fillmore Bike Park (Winter 2015) Project details

  • Crafton Hills College (January 2015) Project details

  • Grand Park- City of Diamond Bar (Summer 2015)

  • Angeles National Forest: Strawberry Peak and Colby Canyon Trail Repairs (Winter 2014) Project details

  • Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation: Skyline Trail, Big Bear (Fall 2012 and Spring 2013) Project details

  • City of Glendale: Sports Complex Trails (Winter 2013) Project details

  • Ventura Botanical Gardens: Demonstration Trail Design and Construction (Summer 2012) Project details

  • Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy: Burma Road Repairs (Winter 2012) Project details

  • Angeles National Forest: Rim Trail Repairs (Winter 2012) Project details

  • City of San Dimas: Poison Oak Trail Repairs (Fall 2011) Project details

  • Santiago Oaks Regional Park: Oak Service Trail (Summer 2011) Project details

  • Angeles National Forest: Strawberry Peak and Colby Canyon Trail Assessment (Fall 2011) Project details

  • Irvine Regional Park: Puma Ridge Trail (Fall 2011) Project details

  • Newport Equestrian Trail, Orange CA Trail repairs ( Summer 2011) Project details

  • Summit at Turtle Ridge, Irvine CA DG Path repairs (Summer 2011) Project details

  • Crafton Hills: Trail building and repairs (Summer 2011) Project details

  • Santiago Oaks Regional Park: Coachwhip Trail (Winter 2011) Project details

  • Santiago Oaks Regional Park: Chutes and Chutes Ridgeline Trails (Winter 2011) Project details

  • West Bernardo bike path erosion control (Spring 2011) Project details

  • Rancho Sonado shade structure construction (Winter 2011) Project details

  • High Horse Community Trails, trail repairs (Winter 2011) Project details

  • Weir Canyon trail repairs (Fall 2010) Project details

  • Deukmejian Wilderness Park trail reconstruction and repairs (Summer 2010) Project details

  • Ballona Creek to Parks Improvement Project, MRCA (Spring 2010) 

  • West Coyote Hills, Pacific Homes 2009 

  • Fishing Access Trail, Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy (Summer 2009) 

  • Santiago Oaks Regional Park-Mountain Goat Trail re-route and repairs. (February 2009) 

  • Bonelli Regional Park connector trail, LA County (February 2009) 

  • Santa Fe Valley and Highland Valley Trails Bridge replacement project, Escondido, CA, San Diegito River Park JPA (completed 2/13/09)

  • Creekside Trail, Redlands Conservancy (December 2008) 

  • Design/build wooden technical features for CORBA’s Fat Tire Festival (October 2008)

  • Bommer Canyon ADA Trail, Irvine Ranch Conservancy (2008)

  • Quail Valley Bicycle Pump Track, Private Party (Spring 2008) 

  • Trail assessment consultation, Santiago Oaks Regional Park, Orange County, CA 

  • Design/build trails, Pardee Homes & Sikand Engr., Santa Clarita, CA 06-’07))

  • Design/build trail—Crafton Hills Open Space Conservancy, Yucaipa, CA (‘07)

  • New Millennium Trail, design/build trail & bridges, Calabasas, CA (’05-‘07) DG trail and glu-lam bridge for

  • Nix Nature Center, Laguna Canyon (’06)

  •  Design/build trails and bridges, Newhall land, Valencia, CA (’03, ’04)

  •  Design/build trails & bridge at Irvine Ranch, CA (’05 & ‘06)

  •  Design/build trail—Trimark Pacific Homes, City of Redlands, CA (’06)

  •  Design/build Trail & bridge, Olinda Historic Trail, City of Brea, (’05 & ‘06)

  •  Consulting & trail design, City of Chino Hills (’06)

  •  Re-build two trails—Puente Hills Habitat Authority, CA (‘05)

  •  Design/build 3 trails, Vintage Communities, Westlake Village (’03-‘06)

  •  Two Trails & streambed restoration, City of Burbank, CA (’98-‘06) 

  • Three trails for Canejo Open Space District, Thousand Oaks, CA (’01-02, & ‘05)

  •  Trail design for private party and architect, City of Laguna Beach (‘05)

  •  Trail consulting, Sapphos Environmental, Pasadena/Altadena (on-going)

  •  Trail design at Descanso Gardens for City of La Canada 

  •  Trail design for Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles (‘05)

  •  Trail design for Sun Cal Co & Sikand Engr. at Northlake in Castaic (’05)

  •  Trail design consultant, David Evans Associates for City of W. Covina (’05)

  •  Trail consulting for MWD at Diamond/ Skinner Lakes, CA (‘04) 

  • Rebuild Backbone Trail, Will Rogers State Park, Pacific Palisades, CA (’02 & ‘04)

  • Accessible trail & canyon restoration, Mtns Restoration Trust, Calabasas, CA (‘04)

  •  Sand Canyon Rd Trail and fencing, City of Santa Clarita (’03)

  •  Reconstruct Temescal Ridge and Canyon Trails, Santa Monica Mtns (’03)

  •  Design/build stabilized trail/fencing, The Masters College, Newhall, CA (‘02)

  •  Design/build Pinnacle Peak Trail, City of Scottsdale, AZ (’01-02)

  •  Design/build trails and stabilized bridle paths, Bell Canyon Associates, CA (’02-03)

  •  Accessible stabilized trail, mortared switchbacks, etc., Providence Mt. SRA (’01)

  •  Two Trails in Dos Vientos Development, Standard Pacific Homes, 1000 Oaks (’01)

  •  Three design/build trails & consulting, City of Redding & CCC, CA (’01-02)

  •  Stabilized trail and recycled plastic fence, City of Rolling Hills (’00)

  •  Two Design and build trail projects, San Bernardino Co., Crafton Hills, (’94 &’00)

  •  Trail & fiberglass Bridge, Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council, CA, (’00)

  •  Repair exercise trail using soil stabilizer at Rosemead condos, Co of L.A. (‘99)

  •  Trail, 3 bridges, Geoweb crossing, design & build, City of Glendora, CA (‘96-’99)

  •  Whisper Ranch, Simmons Development, trail design & build, Yucaipa, CA (’99)

  •  Geoweb trail repair, design & build, La Canada Trail Committee (‘99)

  •  Ocean Trails Golf Course, Palos Verdes, CA—trails design & build (’97 -‘02)

  •  Trail repairs, City of Orange, CA (’99)

  •  Bike Path Rehab, El Capitan/Refugio State Beachs, CA (‘98-99)

  •  Bridge footings, Mission Valley Golf Course-- San Diego, CA ('97)

  •  Trails & 5 fiberglass bridges--Grant Co. Park--Santa Clara Co., ('97)

  •  Slope Protection Project--Cal-Trans, Redlands, CA. ('97)

  •  Golf Course Project--glu-lam bridge, pond, etc.— Anaheim Hills, CA ('97)

  •  Splinters Cabin Trailhead & Applewhite crib wall-- San Bernardino NF, CA ('96)

  •  Rehab bike trails, Picnic area, Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area, CA ('95)

  •   70x8' fiberglass bridge & abutments, San Dieguito River Park, CA ('96)

  •   Trail and fiberglass bridge for East Bay MUD at Pardee Dam, CA ('95)

  •   Two railcar bridges and site work, Chino Hills State Park, CA ('95)

  •   Design & build trails, bridge--Will Rogers SHP, Santa Monica, CA ('95)

  •   Bike Trail Rehab, San Onofre St. Beach, CA., St Parks & Rec, ('95)

  •   Trails, 4 bridges— Deukmejian Wilderness Pk, City of Glendale, CA. ('95)

  •   Accessible Bike Path, 5 mi., BLM, Wild Rivers Recreation Area, NM ('94)

  •   Two accessible viewing platform projects for CA Fish and Game Dept. ('94)

  •   Sage Flat Trail Bridge--42' steel and wood-- Inyo National Forest , CA. ('94)

  •   Gray's Peak Trail--7 mi.-- San Bernardino NF, CA ('94)

  •   Two fiberglass bridge installations-- City of Sierra Madre, CA ('94 & '95)

  •   Fiberglass bridge-- Tahoe NF, CA--1 day assisted installation ('94)

  •   Two Fiberglass bridges--assisted installations-Malibu Creek St Park, CA. ('94)

  •   Two trail design and build projects and erosion repair, City of Anaheim Nature Center, ('94)

  •   Two Santa Ana River and 2 Vivian Creek Trails (25 mi. plus)— San Bernardino NF, CA   

  •   Flatrock Trail and bridges-- Monongahela NF, WV.

  •   Artpark Trail Improvements--NYPA near Niagara Falls, NY. 

  •   Mt Israel Recreation Project, Olivenhain Municipal Water District Escondido, CA. 

  •   Mortar steps and walkway-- Eagle Falls, near Lake Tahoe-- Eldorado NF, CA

  •   Greenwater Trail & six bridges--Mt Baker/Snoqualamie Nat'l Forest, WA

  •   Paved accessible trail at Hume Lake, Sequoia National Forest, CA.

  •   PCT--three segments in San Jacinto Wilderness-- San Bernardino NF, CA

  •   Mono Pass Trail-- Sierra National Forest, CA.

  •   Rowher Flats Motorcycle Park and trail-- Angeles NF, CA.

  •   Pratt Lake Trail and puncheon bridges--Mt Baker/Snoq. NF, WA

  •   Four trail projects and log stringer bridges in Mt St Helens Nat'l Monument, WA

  •   15 mi of motorcycle trail at Mad River for Wenatchee National Forest, WA

  •   Montera Mt. Trail near Pacifica for San Mateo County, CA.

  •   Blue Ribbon equestrian trail, Cuyamaca State Park, San Diego Co., CA.

  •   35 mi of motorcycle trail, Tahoe NF near Foresthill, CA.




11856 Balboa Blvd. Suite 668



PHONE AND FAX: 818-975-5120



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